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SteelSeries Ikari Optical


Specific design for FPS gamer, Proven LED technology, Driverless, plug-and-play feature for LAN gamers, Ability to toggle between two CPI settings

The SteelSeries Ikari mice are the result of 15 months extensive research of ergonomics, technology, shape, motion, hand grip and play styles by gamers. The shape, materials and specifications of the SteelSeries Ikari mice are based on input from professional players from Team 3D, compLexity, mousesports, SK Gaming, Team NoA and other world-class gaming organizations, who collectively represent the world's most accomplished gamers in Counter-Strike and other gaming disciplines.

The SteelSeries Ikari Optical was designed as a no-bullshit, top performer for FPS gamers. The research and development emphasized a “no nonsense, no crap" approach with proven optical technology that allows gamers consistent, fast movements without technical difficulties of any kind.